Student Employment

If you have work study funds you should have already been assigned a job on campus. If not you should contact Student Employment immediately.

One of the positions listed below may be a fit for you in the future. Click on one the links below to see what opportunities we have on each campus. If one of these positions interest you make sure to select Student Life for that campus through Student Employment. A few of these offices will also hire students who do not have work study funds (this is noted above the job description).

Student Center Management Team Positions

The Senior Manager positions are the top-tier leadership opportunities available to student center staff members. While on duty, the student Senior Manager is responsible for their assigned Center’s operations, including, security and safety, event services, key management, and is primary liaison between Center and University Offices. The Senior Manager acts in place of professional staff and exhibits a high level of independence and decision making within the guidelines of position. The Senior Manager is highly familiar with facility policies, equipment, programs, and services and possesses broad knowledge of Student Center function areas. Some of the Senior Manager positions also have some additional responsibilities related to Training, Scheduling, or Discipline and Recognition (please see specific job descriptions for details).

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