Programming Association (RUPA)

RUPA is the university-wide student programming council that serves the Rutgers community by providing a variety of events appealing to the diverse student body on all five campuses. Examples include concerts with artists like Pitbull, comedy shows with artists like Aziz Ansari, the Annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races, entertaining lectures and performances, art projects, and so much more.

RUPA is open to all Rutgers students. In addition to providing a variety of event experiences for students each year, those who become members of the programming association learn valuable real-world skills including event and budget management, teamwork and consensus building, contract negotiation, and a wide array of marketing skills. We are interested in your program ideas, welcome event volunteers, and want all students to know about our events and ticket sales, as well as our organization in general.

For more information please visit the Rutgers University Programming Association website.