College Avenue Student Center

The College Avenue Student Center (CASC) is located in the heart of the College Avenue Campus of Rutgers University, one mile from the Downtown New Brunswick Theater, Hotel and Restaurant District. The Student Center is surrounded by historic Rutgers' buildings, it has a large food court, and it is home to many student organizations including Rutgers University Program Association and The Daily Targum.


  • Wendy's - (732) 545-5545
  • Gerlanda's (pizza, wraps, specialty coffees, teas and more) - (732) 846-9375
  • Au Bon Pain - (732) 873-9845
  • Subway - (732) 296-1122
  • King Pita Palace (Middle Eastern) - (732) 565-3800
  • Currito's

Download the Summer Hours of Operations for our food Vendors


  • Student Life (Student Center; Student Life Administration; Programs & Leadership)
  • Community Police Office
  • The Daily Targum
  • WRSU
  • Student Organization Offices


  • Rutgers Spirit Shop featuring snacks, greeting cards, schools supplies, Rutgers clothing and other essentials
  • ATM
  • Copy machine
  • Student credit union
  • Soda and snack machines
  • Meeting and event space
  • Lounges
  • Computer lab