Student Centers

Rutgers–New Brunswick has six Centers - Busch Campus Center, Cook Campus Center, Douglass Campus Center, Livingston Student Center, Rutgers Student Center and the Student Activities Center. Just as each campus has its own identity, each Center also reflects the history and culture of each smaller campus. From the Cook Campus Center with its stunning natural setting among the woods, perfect for conferences and retreats; to the Rutgers Student Center with its 60Â’s minimalistic architecture in an urban setting; to the recently renovated Livingston Student Center with contemporary and modern feel; there is one that will certainly become your favorite.

As different and eclectic as the Centers are, they have one thing in common: they are focused on providing friendly, welcoming, inclusive environments, helpful services and resources, and rich diverse programs. The Centers are the places to attend programs, host a meeting, meet friends, have a meal, watch TV, study or relax.

For our students the Centers are also a place to get involved in the campus community by joining student organizations or planning campus events. The Centers provide opportunities to learn and grow through leadership education programs, community service or part-time employment opportunities within the Centers. The Centers serve every day needs with quick access to campus information, Wi-Fi, ATMÂ’s, convenience stores, game rooms and much more.

Busch Campus Center Cook Campus Center Douglass Campus Center
Livingston Student Center Rutgers Student Center Student Activities Center

Center Hours - Spring Break 2014

During the week of March 17th-21st the Student Centers will be running on a modified schedule. For Center and Vendor hours of operation, please refer to the Spring Break 2014 Operation Schedule.

Regular Center Hours - Fall and Spring Semesters

Monday - Friday
Busch Campus Center
Douglass Campus Center
Livingston Student Center
Rutgers Student Center
7:00AM - 1:00AM
Cook Campus Center 8:00AM - 1:00AM
Student Activities Center (Friday) 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday and Sunday
Busch Campus Center
Cook Campus Center
Rutgers Student Center
11:00AM - 1:00AM
Douglass Campus Center
Livingston Student Center
10:00AM - 1:00AM
Student Activities Center Closed

Vendor Hours, Holiday and Special Events Schedule

Hours may vary for special events, breaks, holidays, and summer. Please check this page for up-to-date hours of operation.

Download the Center's Operating Schedule for the Spring 2014 Semester